Oh Dear Father


Oh, dear Father, I miss you so,
But how can I let you know?
I know you worry about how I am.
I’d love to write you a telegram.

Ivy Bein

I hear you, child, and how you have cried,
to reach out to him and how you tried.
All you want is for him to know
that you are well and how you have grown.
Give me your message, and I will go
to your father so he will know.


You heard my fear,
I never thought that you’d appear.
I love my Father, and I can’t pretend,
I miss him here while he defends.
The message that I’ll write
will be filled with love and light.

Personalized Message in a BottleFather, I hold you in my heart,
I began to miss you from the very start.
Every day I want to say,
dear father, I love you, and I’m Okay.

-Sabrina Williams

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