The Grind

SundayIt was Sunday all was fine
No sadness on my mind
Then you left without a trace
Left me standing in disgrace

mondayOn Monday all was blue
Really nothing I could do
Standing in blurry grief
Only looking for relief

Then came Tuesday it was grime
Did not know where I have been
Walking in a scary daze
Could not see through the haze

Wednesday missed it, never came
Looking for someone to blame
Went right by without a trail
I was riding on the rail

It was Thursday I can’t hold on
One more day and I’ll be gone
Someone help me really soon
I am looking at impinging doom

What it’s Friday I have hope
I might be able to even cope
Very soon you’ll be back
I am on a stable track

Thank God, the weekend, all is good.
Worked as hard as I could.
Did my best to make it through.
Why does the end have only two?

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