A Valentine Story

The Conquest of Love

Once upon a time, there was a kind bishop named Valentine. He disagreed with the Roman emperor’s decree that all soldiers going to war could not marry. The emperor’s reasoning was that married men do not make good warriors. The bishop secretly performed marriages in protest. Bishop Valentine was imprisoned for this. While in prison, Bishop Valentine performed a miracle that gave sight to a blind girl with whom he formed a strong bond. Despite the emperor’s attempts to convert Valentine to the Roman pagan faith and adhere to his rule, Valentine resisted. Valentine was eventually sentenced to be executed. On Bishop Valentine’s last night he penned a letter to the young girl and signed the letter. “From your Valentine”
The day he was executed, February 14th, became known as St. Valentines Day. In the memory of the bishop’s
kindness and thoughtfulness of the loving bonds between couples, the day is forever revered as a day to show LOVE. The moral of the story, love always wins. How do we know this? Most people celebrate the day of love called Valentine’s day which is inspired by his influence. Very few people know the name of the Emperor.

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